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Why look to NLP and Hypnotherapy to help resolve your problem?

It is not unusual to experience a time in your life where you feel all that exists is problems. When the problem is affecting your whole outlook on life, it is time to make a change. Yet, for many, weeks of ongoing therapy is impractical, expensive and off putting. So what many people do is modify their lives to fit around their issue. They avoid going to certain places, seeing certain people, eating certain foods – all in an attempt to live a stress free and happy life. But they are not happy, because they are limited. They are muted from experiencing all of the greatness that they should have.

How valuable would it be to you to eradicate your problem in only two or three therapy sessions?

How will your life change when this problem no longer exists?

What will you do differently?

How will you feel when you know that you are free to do what you want, when you want with who you want to do it with?

How will the lives of those around you change as a consequence? (Your partner, children, friends and family)

There are many reasons why people seek NLP therapy and hypnotherapy. Ultimately, it is usually because you know that something isn’t right, and even after trying everything that you can think of to rectify it yourself, the problem still exists – and you don’t want it to, because deep down you know that life could be so much better and happier if that pesky problem wasn’t there to get in the way, holding you back or weighing you down.

It may be that you have a fear of certain things or situations; of not being happy with yourself in general; not being able to deal with people or situations in the way that you want; constant feelings of worry or fear; a churning inside when you have to do certain things. It may be that no matter how hard you try, life just throws too much at you. You know that deep down things could be so much better, if only you could move on and overcome your problem.

How have you modified your life because of your issue?

What do you stand to gain in your life when this problem is no longer there to get in your way?

How NLP and Hypnotherapy can help you

NLP and hypnotherapy offers to overcome these difficulties. It helps you to focus on the change that you want and the outcome you desire. Because of this focus on the solution rather than the problem, NLP and hypnotherapy has a superb record of dealing with a range of issues very quickly. Clients are often amazed that a problem that has been with them for so many years can suddenly evaporate, often in only a few sessions. Even more appealing than that is that because NLP focuses on how you think and not what you think, much of the therapy itself can be just as successful when it is content free, so there is no pressure for you to reveal your deepest fears or experiences if you do not want to. Some conventional therapies can have clients going back for years without finding the solution that they are seeking. Hypnotherapy is ideal to re-enforce the new changes and cement them in your unconscious to make the transition smooth and easy.

I am a qualified NLP practitioner and Hypnotherapist operating in the Kent area. I will treat your issues with dignity and respect in comfortable surroundings in Cranbrook, Kent, where you will feel safe and secure to deal with the issues that you want to eradicate. All therapy sessions are on a personal one to one basis, unless you yourself want a third party in attendance. A third party will automatically be required to attend any sessions with children under the age of 16 or written permission for the child to attend on their own provided.

Areas of therapy that I work in are:

  • Weight loss

  • Eating disorders

  • Smoking cessation

  • Lack of confidence

  • Anxiety and stress

  • Dealing with anger and fear

  • Compulsive disorders and habits

  • Phobias (all kinds)

  • Shyness and social phobia

  • Resolving problems and issues from childhood

  • Relationship and family issues

You can contact me by clicking the link below or phone 07742 955117 or 01580 713429 to arrange a free no obligation one hour consultation. Or you can continue to browse through these web pages and then click on the contact button where you will be able to send an enquiry.