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About Me

Janet Starkey

I am a fully qualified master practitioner of NLP and hypnotherapist.

I stumbled across NLP some years ago when I was talking to an old friend about a problem that I was feeling overwhelmed with. My friend is an NLP practitioner and put my problem back into perspective very quickly. I wanted to know what he did to me and how it worked. I was astonished at how logical and effective it is. Unlike many other conventional therapies, NLP therapy focuses on a solution rather than the problem itself. From that day, I could not wait to learn as much as I possibly could about this remarkable therapy.

Having experienced first hand other conventional therapies; I found them to be stressful and irritating because that kind of therapy did not suit me to open up to a stranger. However, having been forced to go, I realised that, some eight weeks later, that my problem had not been addressed. Not only did this cause me more pain and emotional discomfort, by repeatedly discussing traumatic times in my life; it also drained my finances.

Now, some people will flourish with this kind of therapy, needing nothing more than to get their troubles off their chest. However, if you want your problems resolved quickly and efficiently, then NLP should be your first consideration.

The two main reasons that I fell in love with NLP is firstly, it can do you no harm. There are a multitude of techniques to suit everyone, whatever the issue, and secondly, because this therapy works on how you think not what you think. Therefore, much of the therapy work can be done just as effectively without you having to disclose intimate personal information.

Since I have studied NLP and applied much of the principles to my own life, my stress levels have diminished significantly and I feel much happier and in control. All of my own personal long standing issues were eradicated. I no longer feel swept along on that tidal wave called life, instead I feel I have full control over what I do and the results that I achieve. I feel compelled to share this with you because long standing issues need not be forever. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Here is how I can help you:

Every problem is dealt with professionally and confidentially in a peaceful, safe environment.

All therapy work is tailored specifically to you and your personal requirements and is 100% confidential.

Home visits can be arranged in exceptional circumstances

I offer a free, one hour, no obligation consultation

Not only will your problem be eradicated but I will also teach you how to avoid getting other problems in the future so that you are more self sufficient at coping with life and not reliant on paying someone else to sort it out for you. How valuable would that be?

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by picking up the phone today.


You can contact me by clicking the link below or phone 07742 955117 or 01580 713429 to arrange your free no obligation one hour consultation. Or you can continue to browse through these web pages and then click on the contact button where you will be able to send an enquiry.