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Blushing and Extreme Embarrassment

What Is Blushing and Why Do I Get It?

The definition of blushing is ‘To become red in the face, especially from modesty, embarrassment or shame. To blush is defined as ‘To show redness in ones face, usually when the redness is a result of an emotional response.

For most of us it doesn’t happen often. Yet there are some ¬†that experience facial blushing as a chronic condition. It can become a great source of embarrassment that affects peoples’ career aspirations and home life.

Facial blushing can make you feel transparent, like all of your emotions are showing on your face, especially if it occurs frequently and with intensity. It has also been suggested that blushing is the visible manifestations of the physiological rebound of the basic instinctual fight or flight mechanism, when physical action is not possible. That is to say, That when you find yourself in a situation which makes you feel uncomfortable, angry or embarrassed; the instinct is to run away from these situations. However, if running away is not an option, the psychological effects of having to stay and face the music is transfered into blushing.

You may begin avoiding people, places and situations if the facial blushing is severe enough. That hot, red feeling makes you withdraw from your life.

How Can Hypnotherapy and NLP Help?

Since facial blushing is generally a result of the thoughts you are having, NLP techniques and hypnotherapy can be very effective in either greatly reducing or eradicating this condition by changing the hard wired neural connections to a better outcome.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is remarkably effective is removing the trigger points that cause blushing. This can usually be done in one session. As well as removing the old unwanted trigger, new feelings of confidence and calm can be installed in its place. This can produce a profound feeling of euphoria at the new freedom that is felt when you know for sure that you are free to do and go wherever you want to, especially if your life has been restricted in the past.

Hypnotherapy for blushing can be just as effective, either on its own or to re-enforce the new neural connections in the mind that has been created by the NLP techniques. Hypnotherapy is also beneficial as it by nature reduces stress within the body. This is often a welcome relief if a sufferer has felt uptight due to their condition.

For a more detailed explanation of how NLP and hypnotherapy could help you with blushing, contact me by clicking the link below or phone 07742 955117 or 01580 713429 to arrange a free no obligation one hour consultation. Or you can continue to browse through these web pages and then click on the contact button where you will be able to send an enquiry by email.




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