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What Is Confidence and Why Haven’t I Got It?

Confidence is generally described as a state of being certain.

Self confidence is having confidence in yourself when you do not dwell on the negative consequences, you can be more ‘self confident’ because you are worrying far less about failure or (more accurately) the disapproval of others following potential failure. So basically, people worry about what might happen and avoid the situation at all costs instead of just giving it a go and making your minds up on the reality.

It is well known in the NLP world that there is a connection between the mind and body. What you think will ultimately affect how you feel and therefore how you behave.

What tends to happen is that an unconfident person will have a lot of self talk going on, that is permanently pumping negative comments and worst case scenarios into your mind. When this happens, you begin to feel very doubtful that you can handle the situation and worry in case you have to. This produces a shot of adrenaline into your system as part of your fight or flight response and therefore your heart rate increases, as your body is gearing itself up for a potential battle. All this for a make believe scenario that only exists in your head! The body language then kicks in to match how you are feeling, and generally someone who is unconfident will have a slumped posture, shallow breathing because their lungs are crushed and they will be looking down a lot because they feel that they are not worth much and that it is all their fault for being weak

The most common places where confidence can be an issue is; in the workplace (in front of the boss), meeting people for the first time (either at work or socially), public speaking, in relationships and any deadlines such as exams or tests.

What Can Be Done To Get Confidence Back?

The good news is, that although the feeling of being unconfident isn’t pleasant and can be very limiting, it is actually really quite easy to rectify.

Firstly I will show you how our thoughts affect our emotional states. I will then ascertain where the feeling of uncertainty has been linked to and neutralise it so that it cannot have the same effect any more. I will also provide a resource emotional anchor for you to use in the future should you ever need a burst of confidence at any time.

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