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NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in Kent

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. Neuro meaning the brain, Linguistic meaning communication, both verbal and non verbal and Programming meaning the internal processes that we use to make sense of the information, or put another way – the thought processes that we use to make sense of everything that is happening in the outside world.

NLP was founded in the 1970’s by John Grindler and Richard Bandler. They studied experts in every field of therapy; psychology, gestault therapy, family therapy, psychoanalysis etc, but only those that excelled and achieved results consistently. They wanted to know what these people did differently to all other therapists in their field that achieved them their success.

When the differences that made the difference were found, they were compiled under one heading – NLP.

NLP focuses on the solution to the problem rather than what caused it in the first place, so no time is wasted on appointments raking up the past, and reliving unhelpful painful memories, and time spent in therapy is greatly reduced. So as an example, if a client wanted weight loss, there would be no wasted weeks and weeks of talking about what made you put on weight. You will already know that. You know what the problem is, what you want is how to fix it, and that is what NLP will give you.

NLP changes HOW you think not WHAT you think. Your values and morals will stay the same. What you will have as a result is new and more empowering ways of dealing with situations that used to trip you up, and maybe cause you distress or upset.

Your brain is an amazingly powerful organ. It is capable of so much, and capable of allowing you to achieve so much more, yet we consciously box ourselves in to believing that ‘we can’t do it’, or ‘I’m not strong enough’. We consciously talk ourselves into believing that what we want is unachievable or that we just are not worthy of having what we want. The thing is, we are not born with such limiting beliefs. If we were, then many of us wouldn’t be walking or talking as adults – we’d have thrown in the towel years ago.

When we talk ourselves into something, a process is taking place in our brains. A series of electrical pulses are firing off from one part of the brain to the other, i.e, a thought resulting in a feeling. When we do it once, it is a very conscious and deliberate thought and behaviour – you have to really think about what you are doing. The more you have the same thought, the quicker the electrical pulses make their way across your brain. It remembers the way because you’ve been there before. Eventually, if you do or think the same thing often enough, your unconscious will take control of it and do it automatically for you. At this point, whatever you are doing often enough is now a habit.

Now here’s the thing. All habits are a learned behaviour. You have had to really think about what you are doing when you first started because you had never done it before. You have literally taught yourself a habit – good or bad. The good news is, that if you can learn it in the first place, then it can be unlearned. You can teach yourself something new, and as you know, if you don’t use something for a long period of time, then it stiffens up and doesn’t work as well. Habits are no different.

NLP will help you to make new neurological connections in your brain so that you will not run the old behaviour that used to be such a problem to you. Instead you will have a new pathway for those electrical pulses to follow which will lead you to a better more empowering solution.

Whatever you issue or problem, NLP will help to significantly reduce or even eliminate it, leaving you free and relaxed to enjoy your future.