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What Is A Phobia?

A phobic response is an immediate, powerful rush of fear, panic and anxiety to an external trigger such as a spider or snake etc.

There are two ways that people develop phobias;

The first is from a one time event in their past, which was so significantly shocking to them, that the same trigger thereafter causes the same emotional response.

The second (and more commonly) is that it is a learnt behaviour from childhood. If there were people around you that reacted negatively around certain stimuli, the child thinks that there must be something to be scared of if a grown up is scared of it too, so they learn to be fearful by copying.

The thing is with phobias, is every time you remember what it is that you are scared of, you make a picture of it in your heads, and you distort that picture every time it is remembered, and you make it worse and worse, until you no longer need the actual stimuli in front of you to get fearful and panicky, you can do that just by thinking about it.

Phobias can be long running, some people have had them for 10, 20, 30, 40 years or more. It was once believed that if you had a phobic response to something for a long period of time then it would stand to reason that it would take a long time to remove it. Not so!

It was also believed by conventional therapies that the treatment involved ‘flooding’ or ‘desensitisation’ techniques, which basically means immersing people slap bang in the middle of what they are scared of, week after week until they were pretty much numb. Now I don’t know about you, but that would either make me far worse than before I started therapy or kill me off with a heart attack!

How can NLP and Hypnotherapy help remove my phobia?

I do not do any of this you’ll be pleased to know. The therapy I use is completely in your heads and I do not put it to the test afterwards either. There are two techniques I use to cure a phobia. The first is something called The Logical Levels Of Therapy, where your strategy for running your phobic response is challenged and distorted so that it cannot have the same effect anymore.

Then I will use what is known as The Fast Phobia Cure, and this one does exactly what it claims to do. It changes the deep set neurological response from fear to something far better. That part is your choice.

Removing a phobia is usually very quick and easy, normally in the one session. A second session of hypnotherapy can be very beneficial to help cement the new responses that we have created. However, there may be cases when a phobic response is just the surface issue and there is something deep set within you that needs dealing with instead. This can be ascertained during the free consultation session. Any findings will always be relayed to you prior to any work being undertaken.

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