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Smoking Cessation in Kent

Smoking is indeed a habit. Can you remember the pain you went through to become a smoker in the first place? How you coughed as you inhaled the smoke and gagged at the taste it left behind? Yet for some strange reason, some people continued that behaviour of putting a cigarette in their mouths and lighting it.

If we ate something that made us sick, most of us wouldn’t touch it again!

The reason that behaviours become a habit is through repetition. If we do something often enough it will be taken on by the unconscious mind. That is where all of your habits and behaviours are stored. Anything that you do over and over is stored there. Things like blinking, breathing, making your heart beat or regulating your temperature. If you had to consciously think about doing all of these things every second of every day, you would surely go crazy within a short period of time. You certainly wouldn’t be able to hold down a job or raise children, or simply cope with every day life if, so the unconscious takes the responsibility and takes care of it for you. The only trouble is that it doesn’t differentiate between what is good for you or what is bad. It simply takes a repetative task and continues to run it for you, and hey presto, a habit is formed.

All habits are a learned behaviour and as such can be un-learned. As for the health risks, you know all that, so I’m not even going to go there.

One of the biggest keys to overcoming any habit is the motivation of the individual. If the person is truly committed to giving it their all, they are already half way there. The reason for you stopping smoking must be selfish. That is to say, the reason you give must be something that is exceptionally important to you and you alone. I have known people to want to stop because their wives have nagged them to come, or they are made to feel guilty by someone else. If this is the case, then you are not ready for my help. I will not take your money when there is a high possibility that it will not work. That would be unethical.

If you are ready to stop smoking and you want to do so for very personal reasons to you, then I can offer some very effective NLP techniques that will take effect immediately, followed by a session of hypnotherapy to enforce the changes that have already been made within you.

To keep sessions and cost to you to a minimum, most of the background work will be done during the free consultation session. If there any other underlying issues that I think could be keeping you smoking, these will of course be discussed with you then and there. I will always endeavour to keep sessions to a minimum whilst still providing the most effective treatment tailored specifically to you.

For more information on prices and session content, please contact me. I will be happy to discuss these in full with you.

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