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Terms of Use



Payment must be made in full at the end of each therapy session by cash or cheque. Payment in installments is acceptable provided that the full amount is paid prior to any therapy session commencing.

Cancellation Of Appointments

A cancellation period of a minimum of 48 hours is required. If another session is booked within the 7 working days then no fee will be payable, although alternative appointments are subject to availability. If no alternative appointments are available or required by you, the client, then you will be charged 50% of the session fee if 48 notice is given.

If less than 48 hours notice is given and no alternative session is available or required by you the client, 100% of the session fee becomes payable, however, no fee is incurred if another session is booked.

Cancellation charges that remain unpaid for 14 days will be forwarded to a collection agency who may add additional fee’s to the original charge to cover the cost of their services.

Cancellation fees will be wavered only in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the therapist.

Hypnotherapy-Kent and Minds That Matter reserve the right to cancel appointments at short notice in cases of illness or emergency.

Client Agreement and Release

You, the client, agree to the following:

  • That you participate fully in the tasks that are given to you either during the therapy session or at home if required.
  • That you enter into therapy sessions with the will to want to resolve your issues.
  • That under no circumstances will you attempt to implement any of the techniques that you learn during your sessions on any other individual unless you have obtained adequate certification to do so.
  • That you agree to the following:

I confirm that I enter this therapy of my own free will and accept complete responsibility for my well being at all times. I further acknowledge that I am a healthy individual and that I am physically and psychologically fit to fully participate in this therapy and that I know of no reason, nor have I been informed by my physician, psychiatrist or psychologist (who I have previously informed of my intention to participate in this therapy) of any reason, why my participation would do me harm of any nature. If this does not accurately reflect my situation I agree that I will notify Hypnotherapy-Kent before participating in the therapy. I agree to release and hold harmless Hypnotherapy-Kent, Minds That Matter, its agents, representatives and employees from all liability to which they may at any time be subject to by me (except for gross negligence) resulting from the therapy in which I voluntarily participate and from any negligent acts or omissions and from all actions proceedings costs damages claims and demands relating thereto and I further agree that I will at any time or times in the future as and when called upon by Hypnotherapy-Kent or Minds That Matter so to do, enter in to and execute (each as a Deed) such further release or releases and in such form as Hypnotherapy-Kent or Minds That Matter may require. I understand that although this therapy may raise emotional issues, it is not intended to be a substitute for ongoing counselling or psychotherapy and that any unresolved issues which may surface and which may warrant counselling, will be at my own expense.

Furthermore, I acknowledge that any recording or written material included as part of this workshop and all rights (including Intellectual Property Rights) relating thereto respectively are the sole property of Hypnotherapy-Kent or Minds That Matter or others from whom such rights may be derived (whether or not protected by trademark and copyright laws) and are for the use of Hypnotherapy-Kent or Minds That Matter and employees and may not be used without obtaining prior written permission. As a participant, I agree to NOT record therapy sessions or any part thereof. I also agree that Hypnotherapy-Kent or Minds That Matter shall hold my details on file and on computer and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, I am able to view my individual file by giving not less than seven days written notice.