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What my clients are saying about me

All testimonials are genuine and have been copied exactly as they were written and displayed with my client’s consent.


Thank you for seeing me at such short notice. When I originally made contact with you, the first thing I realised after boring you with my plight was the manner in which you immediately re-assured me that things maybe wern’t as bad as I felt.

The 2-3 sessions we have had made a real impact on me. When I first saw you I thought my issues and problems were insurmountable, but I have to say you have a real ability to allow me to offload a lot of stuff and yet you immediately identified the nub of the problem, and showed me a way of not only dealing with it but with a few simple techniques I have been able to get on with my life personally and professionally.

I have no hesitation in recommending you to others and also the fact that you have a real passion in helping people.”



“thankyou janet. your one of the kindest people ive met youve helped me alot my anxietys almost gone. I went to the doctors on tuesday and they said ive got a little bit of asma which is that koff that I had. And me and my mum will come round soon with a present”.

Joe (aged 10),


“I had suffered with depression for many years. After a couple of sessions of NLP and hypnotherapy, Janet has given me the tools to cope. It has really changed my life for the better. I cannot thank Janet enough!!! I would recommend her to anyone.

Until recently I had never heard of NLP and never really thought about hypnotherapy. I have been struggling to cope with some serious health issues this last year and one thing after another drove me into a state of  shock/panic/depression……call it what you like but I didn’t know what way was up! Then a friend suggested that I pay Janet a visit, to see if she could help me.

Since seeing Janet, she has completely turned my way of thinking around, which has meant that I have been coping much better with the things that I still have to face health wise, as well as being able to deal with day to day life, which was becoming a huge struggle.

I was blown away with how powerful the treatment is and even after the first session, I felt like I could breathe again! Janet has also hypnotised me to help calm the unconscious mind and to stop some bad dreams and panic attacks. Since being hypnotised, I have not suffered 1 bad dream or panic attack!

Janet is an amazing therapist, she is very professional, very easy to talk to and and can help with all sorts of issues. I am, and will always be, very grateful to her for all the help that she has given and continues to give me during this very difficult time in my life.”

Nr Hawkhurst

I have deep depression & struggle to deal with my bad childhood, Janet very quickly identified the key problems I was having, immediately changed the way I go over things in my head & showed me a perspective that I just couldn’t see before.
Now I feel more confident, my mindset is positive & when things pop into my head I don’t start worrying or getting upset, I just follow the techniques Janet taught me & now nothing brings me down !

Name witheld,


Nova's new bike

Look what 2 hours of NLP therapy can do after not being able to ride ANY bike for years!

Hi Janet!
Just wanted to say a huge ‘THANK YOU’ for ending 13 years of complete and utter misery!
I am finally enjoying riding my motorbike again, without any fear and am actually enjoying it instead of dreading it! All that anxiety and fear about having another accident has vanished – all because I shouted back at that stupid voice in my head telling me I couldn’t do it. (Don’t worry – I don’t usually hear voices!!)
Not only did I ‘slap that voice down’ but I swapped my little scooter for a big 500cc motorbike, so ‘eat that’, negative thinking!!
Thank you again for everything, but most of all, giving me the confidence to believe in myself. I’m sure it will continue to impact in loads of other areas of my life – yippee!
Now, I just need to be tall, blonde and slim……..!!

Nova :-D Horsemonden


“Thank you so much for your help with my sleeping problems! I have slept like a log since our session and feel so much more in control of the situation…you really put me at ease and made me look at things in a completely different and positive way. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and family. Thank you again!”

Catherine, Kent


In 3 months this is one client's weight loss. No dieting, no food restrictions of any kind.

In 3 months this is one client’s weight loss. No dieting, no food restrictions of any kind.


“When I met Janet I was at my lowest.  I was struggling with my weight and my self esteem was at rock bottom.  From the moment I walked through the door at my first appointment Janet made me feel at ease and by the end of that session I felt as though I had known Janet all my life.
I can’t believe how quickly my life began to change with Janet’s help and support.  I’ve gone from a self conscious size 18/20 to a confident size 14 without even trying !  No dieting ! No forbidden foods !

Janet I can’t thank you enough for giving me my life back” x