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Weight Loss in Kent

Losing weight can be very challenging for some people. We have to eat to stay alive. It’s not the same as stopping smoking for example, because that can be stopped in it’s entirety with immediate effect. Not so with losing weight.

If you are serious about losing weight, we firstly need to explore the challenges that you are having with food. This could consist of one or more of the following:

  • Eating the wrong kinds of food – e.g. sweet or fatty foods
  • Eating the wrong amount of food – binging or having large portions.
  • Eating at the wrong times – eating before bed, snacking between mealtimes or using food as a substitute, for example when bored
  • Not exercising enough

There are three types of eater:

Emotional Eaters
These are people who tend to eat food in response to their emotions such as stress, loneliness, upset, worry, frustration, boredom, lack of love in their lives, punishment, or they may even use food as a reward. This type of eater is also known as a comfort eater. They are trying to feed their emotions with food.

Conditioned Eater
These are people who tends to over eat food, normally due to early childhood conditioning, where the child was possibly made to feel guilty for leaving any left over food on their plate at meal times. They may have been told about the “starving people” in other countries so they must eat all the food, or the child may have been motivated to eat everything on their plate in order to get the dessert, so pleasure has been associated to eating all the food in front of them, and guilt at leaving some.

Unconscious Eater
These people tend to be completely unaware of the amount of food that they eat. Fer example, they may be watching a film and without realising it they have eaten a whole bag of popcorn or tub of ice cream. This type of eater is continually snacking throughout the day and is not aware of how much food they are actually consuming. They are an automatic eater and are not aware of their habit.

Many people that have put on weight have dieted in the past. Some have done virtually every diet known to man, yet they continue to see saw with their weight for the rest of their lives. If a person is an emotional eater for example, they may well lose the weight, but if the reason they put on the weight in the first instance isn’t dealt with, then they will continue to eat with the same triggers in the future.

Are you being honest with yourself?
Have you ever said things like…..”just one more won’t hurt”……”it’s water retention”……”I’ll exercise tomorrow”……. “I don’t care anyway”…….”there’s no point wasting it”.. You can fool others but you can never lie to yourself.

I can help you deal with any emotional issues that are chaining you to food. Once this has been done, you are more likely to lose weight in the first instance and more importantly keep it off. I can also help with the way that you look at weight loss. Instead of focusing on what you’re missing out on I can help you to be more driven and motivated so that it is not such a negative experience for you.

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